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  • 1

    Introduction and Getting Started

  • 2

    Playing in the right sectors. Relative strength analysis.

    • Analyzing relative strength of S&P500 sectors

    • How to create a chart list of S&P500 sectors

    • Relative Strength Quiz

    • Analyzing relative strength of S&P500 Industry Groups

    • Analyzing relative strength of stocks within Industry Groups

  • 3

    Building a technical analysis toolbox

    • Setting up a chart template

    • Trend lines. How to draw them. How to use them

    • Trend Lines Quiz

    • Moving averages. How to use them to enhance your probability of success.

    • Moving Average Quiz

    • Stochastic Oscillator. How to use it as a measure of momentum.

    • Stochastic Oscillator Quiz

    • Relative Strength Index. How to use it as a momentum indicator.

    • Relative Strength Index (RSI) quiz

    • Volume. How to use it as a technical indicator

    • Volume Analysis Quiz

    • Candlestick patterns. How to use them to identify buy and sell signals

    • Candlestick Patterns Quiz

  • 4

    High probability chart patterns

    • Trades off support and resistance

    • Support and Resistance quiz

    • Continuation patterns. Triangles. Flags. Wedges.

    • Triangle pattern quiz

    • Wedge pattern quiz

    • Flag pattern quiz

    • Breakouts and breakdowns

    • Breakouts and break downs quiz

    • Head & Shoulders patterns (and failed patterns)

    • Head & shoulders quiz

    • Cup & Handle pattern

    • Cup & Handle Quiz

    • Using different time frame charts to finesse an entry on a high probability pattern

  • 5

    Creating a check list for high probability trades.

    • How to create a checklist process to seek high probability trade setups.

  • 6

    Risk Management and Money Management

    • Capital allocation and position sizing

    • Understanding the difference between risk, nominal position size and leverage.

    • Clusters and concentration risk.

    • The power of compounded returns

    • Risk Management and Money Management quiz

  • 7

    Developing your Play Book, Game Plan and Trade Monitoring system

    • Developing a Play Book (Your trading plan rules)

    • Developing a Daily Game Plan

    • Performance monitoring and trading journal

  • 8

    Getting on your way. Good luck!

    • Getting on your way. Good luck!

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